If you are having issues with the LED’s, it is usually something simple to make them work properly.

Check the list below to see if one of these will cure your problems.
(if not, contact us)


If the LED is not lighting up, check the orientation. Flip the bulb 180 degrees, put it back in the socket, and see if that helps.


If the lights do not blink, it could be several things, check all of these:

Make sure the front side corner light has been cut and ground, per the directions.

Make sure the flasher units are grounded properly.

On some G-body cars, the led flasher polarity may need to be reversed.
(use the enclosed 2 wires & criss cross the leads per the directions)


If you have weird issues (chime alarm goes off unexpectedly) – contact us for solution.


If you are experiencing any other problems, don’t hesitate to contact us, we probably have solutions!