If you are having issues with the LED’s, it is usually something simple to make them work properly.

Check the list below to see if one of these will cure your problems.
(if not, contact us)


If the LED is not lighting up, check the orientation. Flip the bulb 180 degrees, put it back in the socket, and see if that helps.

For all of the small bulbs: you may have to pull the wires out slightly to get them to fit snugly into the sockets.
(especially the glove box)


If the turn signal lights do not blink, it could be several things, check all of these:

Make sure the front side corner light has been cut and ground, per the directions.

Make sure the flasher units are grounded properly.

DOME light: you may have to bend the metal tabs (in/out) slightly to get them to fit into the housing.
(this will prevent the bulbs from moving in place)

IF when you turn on your headlights the turn signals stop working,
there may be an issue with the rear tail lights.
Recheck all those bulbs, make sure they are positioned in the sockets the correct way
(there’s 1 long tab and 1 short tab on the side of the bulbs, see that they match the socket positions correctly)
Put the OEM bulbs back in to see if this problem goes away
(if it does, it’s definitely an issue with the new rear led bulbs)
Try switching these 4 bulbs around, put them in a different rear socket than you initially did.
Also check all the wiring on the sockets
(loose wires, frayed, etc., yank on all the wires a bit to check for looseness or other issues with socket)

BACKUP LIGHTS: If the bulbs do not seat properly (go down all the way into the sockets), you may have to sand down the socket hole a bit. You only need to go down about 1/8″ into the socket (from the top; the outermost side), and shave off just a small amount at the top of the hole in the socket (the diameter of the hole). This will make the bulb go down further into the socket so the pins will twist into place. A dremel tool works well. Blow out the hole from the sanding grit after shaving it down!
(only about 5% of  cars need to do this because of a slightly different socket used in these vehicles)

Regal LIMITED: front lower cornering lights:
You MAY have to cut the black wire and ground this wire IF these lights start blinking with the turn signals on.
On both sides of the car, attach a new ground wire to the bulb side, tape off other cut end.
Check these lights with your headlights ON.


If you have weird issues (chime alarm goes off unexpectedly) – contact us for solution.


If you are experiencing any other problems, don’t hesitate to contact us, we probably have solutions!