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Be sure to include all of the proper information when ordering a kit, so we can send you the correct kit for your G-body vehicle!

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    kit type wanted:
    ($179.99 Full, $120 Exterior, $100 Interior)


    vehicle type:

    IF you have a Regal Limited (or other that uses these), do you need the special "Limited" bulbs?
    (2 front fender lower corner turn lights, 2 dash plaque, 4 interior lower door panel courtesy/warning {red/white} lights)
    (not all Regal Limiteds use these type of bulbs)
    (Full kits are $20 extra, exterior only kits are $10 extra, interior only kits are $10 extra)

    Do you need the extra 3 (or 6) add on dash lights (for aftermarket gauges)?
    ($6 for 3 bulbs, $10 for 6 bulbs)

    Promo Code?




    Note, it may take up to 24 hours for the Paypal invoice to arrive.
    Thank you.