LED Details Specs

There’s literally hundreds of different LED lights for sale on the market. Choosing from the different sizes, shapes, chipsets, wattage, lumens, quantity of chips / lights / SMD’s on each one, and the many other various options that are available when choosing an LED bulb, can be a daunting task!

CANBUS lights, or “error-free” bulbs, should NOT be used on any G-body vehicle!
These can cause electrical issues in the wiring system, or other problems.

Cheap lights can be a disappointment in quality, longevity, or the brightness you get from them.
Expensive bulbs don’t always guarantee that they will be any better.
Either may not match the colors found originally on a Gbody car.

We have gone thru many, many different LED’s, testing them for durability, brightness, size matching and fitness into the GM light sockets, as well as making sure they look like they belong in our G-body vehicles, like factory appearing (mostly) only better!
Our LED’s are Energy Saving, Great quality in terms of brightness and stability, Long lasting, can be used for up to 50000+ hours life time, have immediate response / turn-on time, and no power zapping.

There’s a lot of junk led’s on the market.
You can take a chance that the ones you buy elsewhere will be a good choice for your car.
OR, you can just acquire ours that we know ARE a good choice!
It’s your choice!