LED Light Kit For Oldsmobile Cutlass, Classic, Calais, Cruiser, Salon, Supreme, Hurst Olds, W-30, 442, Brougham, LS, Euro, 2 door, 4 door, Station Wagon, Aeroback, Fastback, Notchback, Coupe, Sedan

1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988

While these kits are specifically made for (ALL models of) 1978-1987 Buick Regals, they may even fit some earlier / later years too.
(although we can’t guarantee that they will indeed fit anything other than 78-87)
Also, we’re “pretty sure” these kits will fit the earlier A-body versions of these vehicles as well.
“IF” the stated number of bulbs below is the same or more than your specific vehicle has, the kit will most likely fit your car.
(different year models may have a different number of bulbs used than other years. Count your bulbs and cross reference below)
Count & look at your bulbs & see if the quantities below match yours. If they do, these will work for your application!

For those that don’t like the “dot” look behind their light lenses (from circuit board style led panels), these are perfect!
Single bulbs, LED style. They look stock, only brighter, use less power, and last longer!

This kit includes ALL bulbs (53 total) for the ENTIRE car, EXCEPT the headlights, and radio.
Kits include ALL bulbs for ALL options available on Cutlass (you may not need all bulbs included).

Note that the white colored dash bulbs supplied are the brightest of the 5 we offer.
The blue/red/green/yellow ones are much brighter than the stock versions, but not as bright as the white ones.

This is an EASY to install kit with complete instructions to tell you where they all go!

There will probably be leftover bulbs in the kit once you are done, depending on what specific options your car has.
(save these as spares / replacement bulbs)


Tail lights are RED in all kits. Front lights are AMBER in all kits.
You can choose INTERIOR COLOR (white, blue, red, green, yellow). ALL other lights in the kit are white.

(stock switches for things like rear window defogger, fog lights, etc., generally do not use replaceable bulbs, so are not included in this kit. Switch replacement is advised if yours does not light up)




EXTERIOR Bulbs: 18

  • 4 front parking / turn signal lights (1 big, 1 small bulb)
  • 2 front side corner marker lights
  • 2 front side marker lights
  • 2 rear side or center marker lights (diff years have diff configurations)
  • 4 rear tail/turn lights
  • 2 backup reverse lights
  • 2 license plate light


  • 1 under hood light


  • 1 trunk light

INTERIOR Bulbs: 33
(fits either olds rally pack gauges or standard gauges)

  • 1 dome (hardtop cars)
  • 2 dome reading lamps (hardtop cars, option)
  • 2 sail panel courtesy lights (t-top cars)
  • 2 rearview mirror map lights (option)
  • 4 passenger sunvisor lighted mirror lights (option)
  • 7 instrument panel / clock
  • 3 turn signal / hi beam indicator
  • 6 side warning lights
  • 1 driver under dash light
  • 1 passenger under dash light
  • 1 HVAC control
  • 1 console gear indicator OR under dash ash tray (for non-console cars)
  • 1 glove box light
  • 1 high mount stop light (CHMSL)
  • .
  • 2 LED (turn signal / emergency) flasher units (you MUST replace your originals with these when using all LED lights)


You get ALL of the bulbs (& 2 flashers) shown in the list above!
(even the lights that say “option” even if your specific car does not have that option – just keep these bulbs as spares!)

All Cutlass kits are just $199.99 shipped!
You can choose from 5 different INTERIOR COLORS: white, blue, red, green, yellow.

The colored bulbs for the interior are these lights:
instrument panel, HVAC, console gear indicator (OR ashtray), glovebox, under dash lights, and dome (hard top or t-top).


ALL Cutlass KITS are $199.99 shipped:
Order by KIT Number:
WHITE bulbs (kit #21)
BLUE bulbs (kit #22)
RED bulbs (kit #23)
GREEN bulbs (kit #24)
YELLOW bulbs (kit #25)

> make a mental note of the kit number you want, you will need it when ordering! <


This “kit” includes enough dash bulbs for stock type, and quantity, of gauges.
“IF” you have any aftermarket gauges (on the a-pillar, console, etc.) added onto your vehicle, there is not enough bulbs included for these extra gauges in the kit.
* We do however, offer as an add-on, 3 extra lights (color of your choice) for $5, that will be enough to use on 3 (small) gauges. This add-on is ONLY available when you purchase a complete kit (at the same time). BE SURE TO REQUEST: “3-add-on-dash-lights” WITH YOUR KIT ORDER!*


LED lights are an awesome upgrade for Cutlass!
This is the ONLY complete kit for the 1978-1988 Cutlass on the market!
Do your entire car in a few hours, all in one fell swoop!
EASY to follow, complete directions included, so you know how to replace and where all of the bulbs go!





Using the link below, send us your Paypal email address, your name & address, kit number wanted, plus vehicle type you are installing it in (“1986 Cutlass Supreme Brougham”). We will send you a paypal invoice for the kit.
These are custom made kits, special for the Olds Cutlass, so please allow time to assemble, and shipping. You should have the LED kit in your hands within about 2-3 weeks of ordering!
(you will receive a tracking number when it ships out)



If you have already received your kit and are looking for installation instructions – FIND THEM HERE.